Securities Lending

Natixis Asset Management Finance is a major player and a leading specialist on the securities lending market. This activity relies on solid relationships with our counterparties.

Our securities lending solutions optimize your securities positions and thus help you generate additional performance through the income they produce.


Three aspects Securities Lending Natixis Asset Management Finance

Make the most of market opportunities

At Natixis Asset Management Finance, we aim to provide you with the best market opportunities at the best prices, while also allowing you to benefit from economies of scale by concentrating securities.

By acting as a principal, we function as counterparties for both portfolios and banks. This arrangement avoids excessive bilateral relationships between portfolios and counterparties, thereby restricting flows, settlement costs, and related risks.

Simple overview of the principal model

Simple overview of the principal model

Minimize and control risks

Both the securities eligible for lending transactions and the associated risk policies are defined by clients in advance. This is done according to stringent procedures geared to restricting credit and operating risks:

  • We only work with first-tier bank counterparties and transactions are governed by contracts used throughout the market, i.e. Global Master Repo Agreements for repos and Global Master Securities Lending Agreements for securities lending;
  • Transactions are at least 100%-collateralized and margin calls are made daily;
  • Activities are controlled by a second-level control system and reporting procedures managed by our Compliance, Internal Control and Risk Management teams.

Dedicated infrastructure and a specialist team

Our front-to-back STP chain is underpinned by dedicated software packages and specialized front office, middle office and IT teams.

Five traders averaging 10 years of experience are dedicated to your needs. Five middle office staff also work permanently and exclusively with Natixis Asset Management Finance on this activity.

Use of the Equilend and Bondlend platforms ensures market visibility and access. All lending and repo transactions are booked and sent by STP to counterparties and portfolios, using the dedicated CALYPSO system.